Who are we?

Nataly Eliyahu

Nataly is a game designer and developer, currently working on freelance projects. She has dozens of game ideas she'd love to implement someday, and is always looking to improve her craft.
In her spare time she enjoys playing board games with friends, eating sushi, and watching disaster movies. Sometimes she writes in her blog.

Her portfolio can be found here: Nataly Creates

Michael Shalyt

Though Michael's academic training is in Quantum Physics, he has a wide variety of skills, interests and hobbies. Michael was a PC gamer since the age of 5, wrote his first program at 8 and spends a large part of his life in the virtual space to this day. In addition to his work in the cybersecurity field, Michael loves analyzing various systems (including games) and creating simplified models to describe them - some examples can be found in his blog: Life in a Graph.

To see more of Michael's stuff check out shalyt.com.

We are both avid gamers from a young age - playing, designing, competing and analyzing games for many years now. Fireside Tales is a fusion of our gaming passion and fiction writing hobby: a game that makes you and your friends come up with cool, cohesive and memorable stories - what could be better? :)